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We are asking our fans of Fletnern to help us out.  We started a Patreon project to help fund Fletnern.

What do you get?  Well, you get a commitment that we are going to be devoting a lot more time to this free world, and we mean A LOT!!  You will get a monthly edition of Build Your Fantasy World in Small Bites (Small Bites for short).  Each of these is guaranteed to be at least 40 pages, but they have been averaging over 60 pages.  Less than half of those pages tend to wind up in the free World Walker editions.

What else?  Well the project is still gaining momentum.  We hope that we can start to generate enough money from our patrons to pay some professional artists for some better artwork, specifically far better maps.

Do you think we should be focusing on something else?  Tell us!  We have changed the order of monthly themes around multiple times at the request of our patrons and we expect we will continue to manage the roll-out according to the demand.  Yeah - We do that; listen to our fans and do what they want.  That makes more fans and it's just good business!

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Fletnern is our FREE!! fantasy game world that you can use.  (No copyright infringement, please.)  Download the files, check the wiki, see our products.  Fletnern will not only work for various game rules, it has worked in many different systems.  Even if you are only using it to get ideas - Great!

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Announcing the unveiling of the Fletnern Wiki!  Link to this new wiki to see all we currently have posted.  More coming all the time!