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Every month Build Your Fantasy World in Small Bites will have a number of "articles" based around our monthly theme.  If you want to better understand our articles, check out this quickie summary:

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click here for The Avatar of Manoto aka All About Warrior Priests

click here for The Mercenary Vators of Myork aka All About Men-at-Arms

The following editions are also available for free but only in their World Walker version, which is smaller than the full Game Master editions, typically one-third to one-half of the content, but these are still FREE too!

click here for The Killer Crime Families of Garnock aka All About Organized Crime in Fantasy

click here for Hoards & Other Treasures aka All About Treasure

click here for The Communist Clans of Rock Cove aka All About Dwarves

click here for The Hoof Wars of the Hasslem Plains aka All About Equines

click here for The Harpoon Happy  Whalers of Scaret aka All About Sea Ports

click here for The Merchant Wars of Forsbury aka All About Caravans and Cartage

click here for The Chivalrous Knights of Myork aka All About Nobles and Knights

click here for The Yugsalanti Fortune Tellers of the Roads aka All About Fortune Tellers

click here for Secret Societies aka {redacted}

click here for The Centaur Warlord of Lockney and Other Tales of the Beats Men aka All About Centaurs

click here for Golems and their Many Uses & The Halflings of the Triad who build them aka All About Golems & Halflings

click here for Universities of Magic aka All About Mages

Our double-sized edition Paladin vs. Paladin aka All About Holy Wars is only available to our Patreon patrons.  There is no free version.

These are only examples of the first editions.  We have now published over 50 editions, so there are quite a few more out there.

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